The strong correlation between brain and fingerprints came into picture when American Doctors discovered babies who had no brains. And it was interesting to find that these babies did not have fingerprints either.


brain-vizion-anencephaly-1  brain-vizion-anencephaly-2
This child is called an Anencephalous child. During pregnancy, if mother suffers from severe Folic-acid deficiency,  the Anenchephalous child is born.

Since 1823,  scientists  have discovered that  fingerprints and innate intelligence are related. Medical science has already confirmed that  during  the growth of the foetus within the mother’s womb  from  the 13th-19th week, fingerprints are formed simultaneously with the development of the neocortex. From there on along with many other researches, scientists established a correlation between fingerprints & brain.

Fingerprints will never change in our lifetime. There is also none in the world that have the same fingerprints as ours, which enables us to be uniquely identified. Hence everyone is  unique and special!