The New Age learning skills involves Creative Memory Techniques. Creative memory doesn’t rely on repetition to remember facts, but to association between easy-to-remember information and to be remembered lists of data, based onthe principle that the human mind much more easily remembers data attached to spatial,personal, or otherwise meaningful information than that occurring in meaningless sequences.

Mind, Body and Brain exercises

The human brain interacts with the body by way of a complex network appropriately called the central nervous system. This itself is composed of functional units such as the brain stem, spinal cord and the matter which makes up the brain itself.
We provide Mind, body & brain exercises in the most innovative manner.
There are eight major intelligence types, which we all possess but under-utilize as we are unaware of how to utilize them. Multiple Intelligence Theory was developed by Howard Gardner. His thesis was that individuals do not have just one type of intelligence, such as might be measured by an IQ test, but several. Each of them can be well developed using Memory techniques.
Something as simple as practicing to use both hands simultaneously can get our brain to produce astounding results. It’s a process that enhances usage of both sides of the brain. The more we access both hemispheres, the more intelligently we are able to function.
Radiant Thinking begins here. This is a great scientific method of Note Taking, Planning & Problem Solving. It helps you remember information, as it is hold in a format that your mind finds easy to recall and quick to review. Hours of Revision are now effectively cut down to minutes!
Most youngsters and some adults too have problems. But by using simple techniques, it can be easily corrected. It will enhance your ability to stay focused “on target,” and to find a dynamic balance of flow and flexibility in daily life.
Neurobics is one of the brain exercises using your five physical senses and your emotional sense in unexpected ways that encourage you to shake up your everyday routines. They are designed to help your brain manufacture its own nutrients that strengthen, preserve, and grow brain cells. Neurobic Exercises help prevent memory loss, increases mental fitness and keeps the brain agile, active and healthy. KEEP YOUR BRAIN ALIVE WITH NEUROBICS!
Normal reading is at approx. 60 - 80 wpm. Imagine how much faster you could finish your subjects if you could read at a speed of 300 wpm. The speed reading exercises consist of the sounds of a metronome that make up a very special pattern. This pattern is an exceptionally effective tool that breaks the sub vocalization habit and increases mental processing speed.
This is a technique that enables you to know exactly when, what, where and how to study effectively. This activity increases mental processing speed and take you into the Area of Total Recall.
It’s a technique that relaxes the body completely, but keeps the mind alert. It is considered as one of the key factors for better performance & memory. It is characterized by alpha waves at a frequency of 8 to 13 Hz as recorded by an electroencephalograph and is accompanied by feelings of tranquility and a lack of tension and anxiety. The state of peaceful wakefulness, associated with prominent alpha brain wave activity.
Brain is a hungry organ, it’s cells requiring two times the amount of energy than that of other cells in the body. To work well and efficiently throughout the day, this energy level must be kept high enough so not to cause mental stress and exhaustion. We help you with some Simple, scientifically proven tips that feed & stimulate our brain.
It’s scientifically proven. Certain music increases IQ, balances emotions, keeps you in a frame of mind to work effectively. The more one spends playing an instrument, the better he performs on tests of word recall, visual (nonverbal) memory, and cognitive flexibility.

Benefits of Mind, Brain and Body to children

1. It will enhance their brain power and problem-solving skills. 2. It will brush up on their recollection skills. So, it will diffuse fear of study and generate interest in studies. 3. It will improve reading speed and thereby, reduce their study time. 4. It will improve their concentration power which is helpful in each & every task of life. 5. It will improve their mental health & reduce their stress level . 6. They will perform well in the exam and other activities. 7. They will become better organized, in their mind and hence, in their life. 8. Their basic problem of overcoming stress during exams will reduce. 9. Children will be more focused, as it will open up their minds by putting other things aside and dispelling frustration. 10. Children will develop a Calm attitude. Study requires correct attitude and patience to review. 11. Child’s overall performance will improve.