Left Brain and Right Brain

Human brain consists of right brain and left brain(hemisphere). The left brain is linguistic, analytical, and goes from the parts to the whole. The right brain learns through images, is intuitive, is sensitive to music, and absorbs the whole without needing to understand the parts. The left brain remembers mostly with words, the right brain remembers mostly with images. Everyone function with both brain hemispheres but usually one hemisphere is dominant or used effectively.


Various Lobes in Human Brain

Brain has four different lobes; Frontal (Frontal and Prefrontal), Parietal, Occipital, Temporal.

Prefrontal lobe has been found to play part in impulse control, working memory, problem solving, socialization and spontaneity. It assists in planning, coordinating, controlling & executing behavior creating personality expression and moderating correct social behavior. People who have damaged prefrontal lobe may experience problems with being unable to initiate action, attentiveness, ability to concentrate, behavior disorders, difficulty in learning new information, appropriate social behavior, lack of goal-direction and emotional ability with “Flat Effect” (unemotional)

Frontal lobe is responsible for logical thinking, computation process, analysis, reasoning and judgment, language production, handling of words, grammar and synthesis, imagination, concept and idea formation, creative thinking and visualization.

Parietal lobe is responsible for control of activity, involved in the reception and processing of sensory information from the body. Parietal lobe damage on one side causes numbness and impairs sensation on opposite side of the body. Affected people have difficulty in identifying a sensation’s location and type (pain, heat, cold or vibration). Damage to the back part of parietal lobe causes right-left disorientation and problems with calculations and drawings. Damage to right parietal lobe can cause aphasia- inability to perform simple skilled tasks such as brushing the hair or dressing.

Temporal lobe is responsible for the reception of auditory input. For example, the right temporal lobe is responsible for musical appreciation, while the left hemisphere is responsible for understanding of speech. Left temporal injury results in impaired memory for verbal material. Right side injury can result in recall of non-verbal material, such as music and drawing.

Occipital lobe is responsible for visual spatial processing and visual interpretation. For example, right occipital lobe will recognize image/ object and faces by sight. Left occipital lobe is responsible for recognition of words, sign and symbol and reading. Damage of occipital lobe will lead to discrimination of movement and colors and it also can cause word blindness with writing impairments (alexia and agraphia).