It is a complete pregnancy care guidance to get divine child.

Parents spend lot of money, time and energy for the child to develop his physical and mental abilities. Garbhsanskar can show miracles in our baby. Garbhsanskar is the way of special efforts taken to stimulate baby’s senses gently for the maximum maturity.

Today, science has proved that the unborn baby cannot only listen, feel but respond by its own way. 60% of brain development occurs in intrauterine period. It is these 9 months decisive period when maximum efforts are to be taken for betterment of the fetus.

So why wait till birth? Why not start now, from the fetal stage?

For healthy life of baby, weight at the time of birth is very important. Accordingly to cell phenomenon, in happy and safe environment cells develop healthily so these 9 months of intrauterine period are precious. Fetus (baby) develops in mother’s uterus, so everything mother does i.e. look, listen, feel, read, think, eat affects the fetus. Before birth, baby completely depends upon the signals received from mother. On the basis of these experiences he/she changes himself/herself. Now, you understand the importance of mother’s behavior, diet, mental state and happiness

♦ Counselling – Basic concept of Garbhsanskar and its need. Create awareness about the fetus senses, nutrition and diet.

♦ Garbhsanwad – Communication with baby creates feeling of love, safety and cheer.

Prenatal Yoga – Helps fetus to develop healthily and to reduce pregnancy associated discomfort i.e. nausea, vomitting, backache.

♦ Pranayam – Ensure complete Oxygen flow for the baby forming within and mother too.

♦ Yognidra – Stress, fear, mental disturbances effects the development of fetus and weight also. So complete relaxationbyyognidra.

♦ Meditation and Omkar Gunjan – Flame meditation for peace of mind. Vibrations of Omkar helps development of fetus brain.

Garbhsangeet – Listening special music of garbhsanskar, garbhsangeet, mantras and instrumental developes good changes in fetus.

Reading – offering selected books to develop the impact of love, bravery, affection of nature and animals.

Natural and easy delivery – Performing Matrabasti, Yonipichu, snehan and also yoga, pranayam helps for it. These procedures helps to avoid post delivery complications like constipation, gases, piles, tissue etc.

♦ Ayurvedic Kalp – For the month wise growth of fetus and immunity development. Medicated oil for stretch marks.

After Delivery

*Importance of mother’s milk, hot water, traditional diet, massage.

* Yoga – To get back to proper shape soon.

* Ayurvedic preparations for good milk production and to control excessive weight.

*Suvarn kalp and massage oil for new born. Modern science proved that, oil massage to new born, gives him/her sound sleep and slows down the production of hormones which creates stress.