start_test_now_btnNow a day’s scientific carrier guidance is the need of the hour. On the career path of children and self, we all are confused while selecting it.

Beyond the traditional carriers like medicine, engineering there are many more options available, but which is most suitable for us is a big confusion. Right faculty or carrier selection is the most important step in life. If we choose a right stream as per our skills, interest, ability & personality our performance will be always at its best , but if we choose wrong stream then ?

Brainvizion’s Discover-plus aptitude test (From Std 9th to 12th)

Measures 7 key aptitudes required for a variety of careers:


  • Verbal Ability [VA]: It estimates one’s ability to reason with word symbols and understand complex verbal relationships. High verbal ability is important in language based careers, law and so on.
  • Numerical Reasoning [NR]: This test is a measure of the student’s ability to reason with numbers, to manipulate numerical relationships and to deal intelligently with quantitative materials. Good numerical ability is a necessary prerequisite for a range of careers, from finance, physical sciences, architecture, engineering and so forth.
  • Spatial Reasoning [SR]: This test measures the ability to mentally manipulate objects in three-dimensional space. It is a measure of one’s ability to deal with concrete materials through visualization. Designing based careers, aviation, medicine and related fields call for high spatial ability.
  • Analytical Reasoning [AR]: The test measures, how quickly and accurately one can think i.e. one’s reasoning ability. A crucial aptitude, good analytical reasoning forms the foundation for success in many careers, from software, management, civil service, sciences, and so on.
  • Mechanical Reasoning [MR]: The test measures the ability to understand basic mechanical principles of machinery, tools and motion. In this test each item consists of a pictorially presented mechanical situation together with a simply worded question. Superior mechanical abilities are needed for careers in engineering and technology.
  • Acuity Skills [AS]: Acuity Skills is perceptual activity primarily concerned with making rapid evaluations of features of visual stimuli. In this test the main objective is to measure speed of perception, momentary retention and speed of response.

(2) A PERSONALITY TEST: This test measures various aspects of personality that are important in determining occupational success. Assessment is made across various spheres such as creativity, enthusiasm, leadership, self-control, tension and so forth. Adjustment in these spheres is vital to the growth and development of an individual.

(3) INTEREST INVENTORY: This test measures the student’s interest areas to get an insight into what kind of professions he would feel most interested in pursuing. It is important to take interest into account while making a career choice. We all enjoy work, which matches our basic interests, and where possible we should therefore try to seek out career opportunities which match rather than conflict with our interest profile.

( 4) QUEST : A Career Skills Profiler This test measures 15 skills , such as interpersonal skills, technical skills, precision skills, language skills and so forth that can be matched to various careers. Every profession calls for a combination of certain skills, and the Quest- Skills Profiler provides an insight into the skill areas of the individual.

Aptitude test report: Taking the results into account, we chart a computerized profile which consists of:

– A graphical representation of the student’s standing on the aptitudes,
– An explanation of the student’s performance, personality assessments,
– Recommendations and suggestions relating to suitable career options.
– The report will be accompanied by a personal counselling session with the vocational psychologist.

A Student Career Test is a career guidance tool, which is designed for students who want to make the choice for their academic majors in relation to their career choices in the future.

The Students Career Test helps them discover their interests and what career choice would be the best for them at a critical time.

A Career Assessment Test would help to determine a definite field of work for a person, based on the type of personality , the way the person would manage work, the way the person deals with others on and off the workplace and the way the person makes his or her decisions.

Brainvizion’s FUTURE SCOPE

For Graduates & post graduates

FutureScope is an Aptitude Testing & Career Guidance Program for Graduates and Postgraduates. However the Interest-Skills Test is different in accordance with a graduate’s skills and advanced interests that would have developed over the course of his graduate program. The Counseling session [when opted for] focuses more on issues related to Personal Interviews, GDs, CVs, Competitive exams, studying abroad, Personal issues and other relevant issues.

Why is career Counseling Important?

Work is a major source of personal identity and we are known by the profession that we pursue. Throughout our student life we are working towards “becoming” something in the future as it is our job or work that gives us our identity. Hence making a career choice becomes a critical decision for every individual, and one that needs to be taken with considerable thought and deliberation. Success and happiness in a career depend on the complex interaction between various aspects, such as your interest, your aptitude for the chosen career, your personality, and so forth. Here is where career counseling plays a major role in helping you know yourself and your career choices better by helping you understand the interplay of your personality, interests and your aptitudes. Career counseling thus becomes a valuable aid in making your career decision.

Discover-plusFrom std 9th to 12th Future ScopeFor graduates andpost graduates
Aptitude Tests ·        Acuity Skills ·        Acuity Skills
·        Verbal Ability ·        Verbal Ability
·        Mechanical Reasoning ·        Mechanical Reasoning
·        Spatial Reasoning ·        Spatial Reasoning
·        Numerical Reasoning ·        Numerical Reasoning
·        Analytical Reasoning ·        Analytical Reasoning
Personality Test Career Persona Career Persona
Interest Test Interest Test IS Test[Interest-Skills Mapper]
Skills Test Quest Skills Test

Report: A detailed and comprehensive report will be provided that maps the students’ strength and developmental areas and the most suitable careers.

Career Counseling: Face to Face counseling or via skype can be done with our trained psychologist, who will help chart a career path as well as help you identify strengths and developmental areas .

Approximate Testing Time: 2 Hours


Choose Your Career Wisely
Once you fulfil the formalities of paying the charges online to the bank account mentioned, the id and password will be sent to you by email and you can take the test online on our website. Once done you will be sent your report within a day or two. After that you are eligible for an expert counselling session with me for 35 minutes through telephone or through skype which ever suits.
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