The science behind this concept of Mid brain Activation is the technique of optimizing the function of our middle brain, which is the ‘bridge’ between the left and right brain. Having this ‘bridge’ activated allows for the retrieval of information between the left and the right brain, which leads to more efficiency in learning and absorbing information. It also brings out and strengthens characteristics such as creativity, memory, application skills, self-confidence, and the ability to concentrate.

Many of us have heard that we are either left-brained or right-brained and have capabilities and qualities that define how we learn and gain knowledge. Midbrain Activation allows the brain to function as a whole, rather than only utilizing one part of the brain. Most theories suggest that right-brain dominant individuals are guided by the more emotional, intuitive right hemisphere while those who are left-brain dominant respond in sequential, logical ways, guided by the left hemisphere of the brain. Therefore, individuals who are middle brain oriented can have strong qualities from both hemispheres. They can benefit from logic from the left and intuition from the right. This is the basic principle behind Mid brain Activation.

Mid brain Activation allows the middle brain act as a control panel for left and right hemispheres. This activates both parts of the brain and enhances the capacity and ability to learn.

In order to awaken this part of the brain, it is necessary to stimulate a hormonal discharge by sending a special vibration. For this scientific alpha-theta level music are played where apparently only children can receive these waves effectively. In general, theta and alpha waves belong to babies and children. Since these waves belong to the subconscious mind babies and children feel easier to learn something or receive and follow somebody else’s words. They also have unlimited imagination compared to adults.

During the mid-brain activation, a child learns how to enter the condition of meditative trans in order to be able to ”see” with eyes closed (Blind-folded). Archimedes himself invented a physical theory while he was relaxing himself, that is, when he immersed his body into the bath tub, where then the”AHA Phenomenon” rose automatically.

Even Einstein normally played a violin first to let his brain relax and thus able to invent new inventions in the field of Physics. So, it’s clear now, relaxed condition will take our brain toward alpha-theta waves where our brain’s performance will be very maximum. This is what we called entering a genius condition.

The term “genius” here doesn’t mean someone with IQ above 130, rather, it’s the condition that if we are able to decrease the brain wave down to alpha-theta, our brain will function optimally. When the brain functions optimally, all human senses will be in their top performances including the capability of intuition, so that a child is able to do activities with his/her eyes closed (Blind-folded).

Types of Brainwave

Gamma 27Hz & up When our brain is in top condition. During the events of motivation.
Beta 12Hz-38Hz Wide awake. This is generally the mental state most people are in during the day and most of their waking lives. Normally dominate adults or aged 15 years up.
Alpha 8Hz – 12Hz Awake but relaxed. When you get up in the morning and just before sleep, you are naturally in this state. When you close your eyes your brain automatically starts producing more alpha waves. Alpha is usually the goal of experienced meditators. Since alpha is a very receptive, absorbent mental state, you can also use it for effective self-hypnosis, mental re-programming and more. Normally dominate children of below 5-15 years old.
Theta 3Hz – 8Hz Light sleep or extreme relaxation. Theta can also be used for hypnosis and self-programming using pre-recorded suggestions. Theta belongs to babies and children.
Delta 0.2Hz – 3Hz Deep, dreamless sleep. Delta is the lowest band of brainwaves. When your dominant brainwave is delta, your body is healing itself and “resetting” its internal clocks. You do not dream in this state and are completely unconscious.

The brain itself produces or transmits the brain wave. This is similar with the scattering of radio wave, though of course, the type and frequency differ. Besides being the wave transmitter, brain also functions to receive waves. Wave receipt by the brain is called resonance. Resonance is the event of joint vibrating of a thing due to the influence of other nearby thing’s vibration. So, for the brain, receiving a wave shall mean the brain jointly conducts the activity of scattering the wave caused by the stimulating wave from outside the brain. The condition is that, the wave coming in from outside shall have the same frequency with the brain wave. There are two types of the brain functions which result in two different type of memory and mental operation. One type of brain function belongs to left brain which operates at Beta wave frequency (14Hz to 30Hz cycles/sec). This is the brain we are most familiar with, having developed this brain in traditional academy settings. This is the brainwave pattern most frequently in use in our awake cycles. There are other types of mental operations which belong to the right brain. The right brain works at Alpha wave frequency (8 to 13 hertz cycles per second). This is the frequency of the brain associated with a relaxed alert state of mind such as in meditation, just before getting out of bed or while listening to music. It is not the type of brain activity which determines whether something is right or left brain oriented, but rather the brain wave that is operating at the time (Alpha or Beta).