BrainVizion Life Guide

Life guide is a comprehensive book of instructions to learn about an individual’s natural intelligences, natural learning style, personality traits,   preferred education  streams, Suitable career options etc.  And helps to learn about your brain thought process and understand the best scenario/conditions in which it can operate at maximum efficiency at the easiest possible.

Who Need BrainVizion Life Guide?

Everyone after age of one year should get this Life Guide done for him/ her.  As this guide helps to clearly understand yourself, how you are naturally, your thought process, own talents. And so, how to leave a life which has a good reason and also gives fulfillment.

​People are fascinated by the idea that their thought process is mapped out in their own fingerprints and it’s entirely up to them whether they choose to live it or not.

There might be many questions in one’s mind or confusions and that lead people to get their BrainVizion Life Guide done; like

  • What I am supposed to be?
  • I desire to do “this “,but is “this” really that I should do?
  • What profession do I choose?
  • Why I am not satisfied at work?
  • I am not comfortable in the chosen field, is my selection correct or not?
  • Is this relationship good for me?
  • Am I utilizing all of my talents and living up to my full potential?
  • Is there anything wrong with me? ( I have a nice job, a good relationship, and a house, but something’s missing. There must be more. Is this it?
  • Why don’t I have a satisfying relationship?
  • Is there something I can do better in?
  • Is this the optimal way of learning for me?

How trustworthy is BrainVizion LifeGuide?

Life Guide is based on finger prints and hence works objectively without any bias or prejudice due to any personal feelings. Every expert trained to decode fingerprints will get the same result. It is the same way as any person trained to translate Spanish will translate the same basic meaning from the same Spanish sentence. All that could differ are the words describing the meaning of the sentence. And its where the art of fingerprint analysis works- similar to some people are more artistic in their ability to translate from one language to other.

Brain Analysis



Snapshot of Your BrainVizion LifeGuide

Left Vs. Right Brain Dominance


Left Vs. Right Brain Dominance


Learning Styles


Quotients (IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ)



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