Children who undergo this training will not only have the ability to absorb information and excel academically, but also be able to learn more easily and perform in sports and arts. It’s all about teaching the brain to act as a whole and utilize the power of both hemispheres. Students are already excelling in different fields just by utilizing one side of the brain more dominantly than the other. Imagine the limitless possibilities of their abilities when they are able to engage both parts of the brain. It can certainly lead to higher performance in school and exams, greater performance on the sports field, and serve as a path to a better future. The child will have more opportunities available to them and be able to achieve bigger and greater goals later in life, as well.

Children will be given an opportunity to do activities of ALPHA & THEATA level vigorously throughout the workshop.Conventional school emphasize predominantly on BETA waves & neglect the importance of ALPHA & THEATA wave learning environment which are for more conducive.

  • It Improves a Person’s Thinking Ability and Mental Power by Using Both Brain at a time.
  • It will Improve Memory and Concentration.
  • It Enhances Logical & Creative Ability.
  • It Improve Self Confidence and Emotional Stability.
  • It Improves IQ ( Intelligence Quotient) & EQ ( Emotional Quotient).
  • Improve Visualization skill.
  • Super sensory Development.
  • Your Child’s Pathway to Genius.

Benefits of Brain Stimulation

Changing behaviours and bad habits is next to impossible for most people, partly because few people are actually taught the appropriate psychological techniques, and partly because the adult mind is not malleable. In other words, adults are very resistant to change, whether consciously or subconsciously. By puberty the brain starts to solidify its subconscious behaviour-controlling mechanisms and by adulthood many behaviours are so deeply rooted that not even the strongest force of will or necessity can change them. Addictions, bad habits, emotional reactions, annoyances and anxieties are just a few of the destructive psychological patterns people suffer from today.
Over the past century, researchers have discovered more about how behaviours and emotions are formed in the brain.
One way is through pattern recognition. The brain is the world’s most powerful pattern recognition machine. It bases nearly all its internal programming on association. For example, have you ever eaten something that caused you to feel nauseous? The food itself might not have even been the actual cause of sickness, but later when smelling or eating the same food, the nausea returns doesn’t it? That is an obvious example of the brain associating 2 concepts together (specific food and sickness) to form a completely new behaviour.
Though you may not realize it, most of your emotional reactions, behaviours and anxieties are based on the brain’s many patterns of association. You can use this to your advantage by presenting to your brain the patterns you want to be associated. For example, if you want to be more confident in a certain situation you could associate it with a confident memory or a stimulus that makes you feel intensely confident. If done properly, the end result will be a confident reaction to the old situation! This can be done using the powerful techniques explained in this program documentation.
• According to Psychologist Ernest Lawrence Rossi, the brain’s Limbic System works to convert words, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and visualizations into a language that the body can understand. Rossi also noted that less than 35% of the population is hypnotized. The rest of the population has trouble reaching a state of receptivity without added stimulation, such as what This program provides.
• In a study called The Case for Alpha-Theta: A Dynamic Hemispheric Asymmetry Model, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D., noted “At the low end of the arousal continuum, images and/or verbal suggestions are processed without the full effect of the critical screening, and therefore, are more likely to be accepted and acted upon.”
• A study was done by Felipe at Yale University where attitude changing suggestions were given to subjects during different mental states. Only during drowsiness or sleep did the suggestions have any significant effect. During alert, waking states and deeper sleep stages, the suggestions had little to no effect on attitude and, therefore, little effect on behaviour.
• Henry Adams, Ph.D., of NIMH and head of the alcoholism programs at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, found that alcoholics showed a 55% decrease in alcohol consumption after a single session combined with a brief anti-alcohol suggestion.
• Dr. Roman Chrucky, Medical Director of the North New Jersey Development Center, found that the entrainment had a strong tranquillizing effect that enhanced hypnotic induction and “suggestibility” in general.
• The study EEG Patterns Associated with High Hypnotizability, conducted by D. Corydon Hammond, Ph.D., suggests a very specific brainwave pattern associated with high levels of Hypnotizability. Using This program sessions, you can help your brain reach these essential brainwave patterns.
• It has been found that people with addictive personalities have a lack of specific brainwave activity in the Alpha band, meaning they have trouble relaxing and may feel constantly anxious and tense when not feeding their addiction. Research done using Alpha training during the 1980’s yielded amazing results with a 70% success rate in a three year follow up. Henry Adams, Ph.D., of NIMH and head of the alcoholism programs at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, found that alcoholics showed a 55% decrease in alcohol consumption after a single session combined with a brief anti-alcohol suggestion.
• Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback results in some 80% of those addicts properly trained becoming non-craving, healthy people with well adjusted neurochemistry (Peninston & Kulkosky, 1990).
Most people are shocked when they are told that increasing their cognitive abilities is possible. It was once thought that mental capabilities were set in stone, unchanging since birth. But much of what we know about the mind has changed in recent years. Research has found that there are many factors playing even larger roles in intelligence. For example, someone with ADD, properly treated, can experience huge leaps in IQ score, sometimes up to 30 or more points! Similarly, removing psychological barriers, limiting beliefs and increasing confidence can have a huge impact on cognitive abilities.
This program presents an innovative new outlook on enhancing mood and increasing emotional stability.
• In a study on Seasonal Affective Disorder, conducted by Kathy Berg and David Siever, 84% of the subject became clinically non-depressed after treatment, and 100% of those treated experienced a significant reduction in depression. Results also showed decreases in Anxiety, over-eating while energy and motivation levels increased! Twelve of the participants actually lost weight (average of 9.5 pounds) during the trial.
• In late 2007, David Cantor, Ph.D. released the details of a controlled pilot study on depression at the annual conference of the EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society. He reported that after 4 weeks of using 14 Hz brainwave entrainment, testing revealed “a huge drop” in self-reported depression scores. The treatment even showed a sustained effect, with testing showing lasting results a month after treatment had ceased.
Users of this Program, almost always report increased energy levels. Many report that they even enjoy getting up in the morning after using a session the day before, and many use this program Wake Up session as a caffeine supplement in the morning.
• In a 1998 study, Dr. David Trudeau used 18 Hz as a treatment protocol for patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), reporting very promising results, including reductions of depression and impulsivity. Subjects reported vastly increased energy levels and improved sleep.
• 18 Hz has been shown to be a very reliable frequency for inducing a state of energy and motivation, and is used by thousands of mind machine users as a way to replace caffeine intake, specifically in the morning hours. Michael Hutchison mentioned 18 Hz as a very useful frequency for this purpose in his ground breaking book, Mega Brain.
Chronic pain is a remarkably common problem. In fact, 3-5% of women and 2 to 4% of the general population are reported as having fibromyalgia, which is characterized by persistent muscular pain and fatigue (as well as sleeping problems, depression, and other problems). The causes of fibromyalgia and chronic pain are still being researched, but the use of brainwave entrainment is proving to be a promising form of relief:
• In a comparative study on Fibromyalgia treatments by David Siever, Audio/Visual entrainment beat out both medical and nutritional treatments in many ways, including reduction of pain and anxiety. Combined treatment yielded even greater success.
• A study conducted by Mike Twittey successfully reduced Chronic Pain in 15 participants over a two month period. The Beck Depression Scale also indicated a significant decrease in depression.
• In a case study conducted by Dr. Fred Boersma, a man with a severe back injury was able to reduce his pain killer intake from 35 extra strength Tylenol daily, to only 2 or 3 pills daily! The man also reported a more positive attitude, no doubt due in part to the increase in endorphins and serotonin that the light and sound sessions stimulated.
Some forms of migraines and headaches can be dramatically reduced using brainwave stimulation
• D.J. Anderson found that brainwave stimulation can stop headaches and reduce the number of migraines per week.
• Fifteen patients, 10 female and five male, aged 21 to 41 years were treated to 5 minute sessions of slow wave photic stimulation. 14 of 15 patients in this group reported complete relief of their headache.
• In another study, brainwave stimulation was used to treat seven sufferers of migraine headaches, who could not find relief from drug treatments. Out of 50 migraines studied, 49 were rated by subjects as being “helped” and 36 were stopped.
For many people, deep, healthy, effortless sleep can be elusive and rare
This Programme includes many sessions which will help guide your brain down to a deep sleep. Many users find themselves nodding off even during light relaxation sessions. And, one of the best features of This program is that it does not require headphones! It doesn’t even require special speaker assignments.
This program also features another completely unique approach to poor sleep. The work of Dr. Hauri and others suggests that there is no “panacea” for poor sleep; a single protocol does not work for everyone. In fact, chronic, life-long insomniacs tend to respond much better to a specific form of brainwave training. One study successfully treated 16 long time psycho-physiological insomniacs, randomly assigning each of them to either SMR training or theta training. It was found that the tense, anxious insomniacs responded well to theta training. Those who were not tense but still found it difficult to sleep, responded better to SMR training.
Whether you have persistent sleep problems or you simply have too much on your mind, This program can help guide your mind to a deep, restorative sleep.
Any athlete will tell you that sports are as much a psychological battle as they are a physical challenge. Performance anxiety can lead to muscle tension and tense muscles require much more energy to operate. Furthermore, a confused, anxious athlete will not be able to respond dynamically to unexpected challenges
There is a growing body of evidence that brainwave stimulation, relaxation, visualization and anchoring techniques can vastly improve sports performance. Athletes who use this technology report rapid improvements, not only in performance but in general mental attitude and the ability to respond faster to changing situations. If you read some of the articles in the Further Reading section you will find dozens of success stories from athletes. For example, a golfer lost over 600 professional tournaments before turning to entrainment and visualization methods, and won soon after! More than a few athletes have tripled their earnings using this technology.
The evidence for performance enhancement is particularly prevalent because coaches recognize the importance of psychology in sports, and have developed effective brain training regimens for their athletes. Based on these protocols, the sessions in the Neuro-Programmer will help familiarize you with the “Zone” state and aid in specific visualization techniques for athletes. This will help prepare you to compete and perform at your best
“I just turned fifty and yet I’m in the best shape of my life. Mind machines help me recover more quickly, rest more deeply , and, I believe, stimulate growth hormone”- Frank Zane, three-time Mr. Olympia.
Anxiety and stress are growing problems in today’s society, where work hours are long, vacations are rare and there is very little physical activity to vent the adrenalin produced during stressful situations. This can result in an almost constant state of overarousal, where the brain is too active and will not allow relaxation and the normal release of tension that is required for a healthy lifestyle
More than half of the sessions included in Neuro-Programmer act to reduce anxiety and stress by relaxing the user. Aside from the built-in sessions designed for profound relaxation, there are sessions specifically designed for stress and anxiety. Many users feel like they are “floating” or “detached” from their bodies while using This program. Relaxation is one the oldest and most well documented use of Brainwave Entrainment. Very few books on brainwave training fail to mention stress reduction as a goal or healthy side effect.
This program comes with all the tools you’ll need to relax, release tension and optimize your brainwave pattern for a stress and anxiety-free life.