The system is based on research data from scientists and medical experts in Genetics, Embryology,  Dermatoglyphics, Neuroscience and Pediatric-Psychology.

Input of all 10 fingerprints & palm angle.
Manual analysis & report generation
Understand inborn strength, weakness, brain potential & personality
Interpretation & personalized counseling


Career Selection

Career guidance plays a major role in helping you know yourself and your career choices better.

Assessment of I.Q., Aptitude, Skill, Personality & Interest
Result – Understand the strong, average & weak areas
Guidance – Interpretation of the report & guidance about the suitable career options


Structure of Intellect

The SOI is the application of the Structure of Intellect theory to various learning situations. It has been in continuous use and development from past 60 years down today identifying 90 potential abilities.

Assessment - of 90 intellectual learning abilities.
Diagnosis - of strong as well as weak intellectual learning abilities.
Treatment – Personalized training modules to train weak abilities & enhance strong ones.

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