About Us

Our mission

To assess, identify & train on various abilities, personality, relationship, skills & behavior.We believe in “ Quest for Excellence’’.

We Innovate

We have complete solution for all age groups. We are experts in identification of –

  • Inborn & acquired talents
  • Inborn & acquired personality
  • Right stream of careers
  • IQ, EQ, CQ & AQ
  • Behavior & attitude .
  • Interest areas
  • Various skills and abilities
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Dominant learning mode

A special training program for LD, Dyslexia, Slow learners, ADHD.

Our Performance

  • We are pioneer in introducing DMIT across Maharashtra
  • Have done life counseling through DMIT for more than 9000+ individuals.
  • Concept has been introduced in more than 90 schools.
  • Developed 34 channel offices in Maharashtra, Gujarat & Tamil Nadu.
  • Worked across Maharashtra through many schools & institutes to create awareness about the subject.
  • Helped thousands of individuals to select right career option.

Top Clients


Mr. Rajesh Salway Patil

EQ Fellow-Six Seconds,


Master Franchisor and Coach-DMIT

Rajesh has over 30 years of experience in the area of human development, concept selling, mentoring , team building & media.He has been champion in Insurance and finance. He has worked with multinational group like HDFC, Kotak, Birla, Lokmat & Navbharat. He has keen interest in helping & developing people. From early age he use to solve relationship issues and counsel people. Always ready to help & develop everybody. After realizing his own strength & passion he decided to work in this sector.

IQ predicts only 20% of career success, rest 80% depends on EQ .So he done his EQ certification from world known organization i.e. Six seconds and start practicing EQ. It gives him a great satisfaction and feeling of value addition in someone’s life.

Dr. Sandhya Salway

Child Psychologist

International Learning Specialist

Certified Graphologist

Dr Sandhya has started her career as an Ayurvedic Physician. With a realization that parents do lot of things- activities, classes, trainings for their children but 65 to 70% brain development happened in mother womb only. So she started doing Garbh-sanskar mainly brain development in mother womb. DMIT is a next step of garbh sanskar.

She had been conducting mental arithmetic and right brain activation training programs for children. She realizes that some people are doing only DMIT (i.e. inborn assessment) and Psychologists are doing only Psychometrics (i.e. acquired assessment) nobody is doing the combination, which is the need of the hour. So she done masters in psychology and started doing psychometric assessments with DMIT. It is a unique combination which gives 100% accuracy.

Mrs. Priyanka Deshmukh Salway

B.E. (EXTC) & M.B.A (HR/ IT & MKTG)

Interest and working in the field of HR & Education sector for the last 11 years, gave thought that “Academic learning was just not enough, but the ability to concentrate, persevere and think for themselves as well as the ability to interact well with others, also”.

Children who have been given the right kind of support during these formative years grow into adults who are self-motivated and love learning, can think flexibly and creatively and who are not only conscious of the needs of others but actively foster harmony as they go through life.Brain development is at its peak in the early years of childhood, thus making maximum impact on the young minds.

Every child is unique and has enormous scope for development from the very young age when exposed to right environment both at home and school.

Today’s world poses numerous challenges for survival and the traditional methods of teaching and learning are not just enough to cater to all the needs for facing such challenges. At PROGRESSIVE BAY , we assure to bring in the children the natural curiosity, inclination and passion for learning, working on their different ABILITIES so they grow up to be independent and responsible learners for their lifetime.Our tools and centre serves as the brilliant place for children to explore and work with great enthusiasm.

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