Our mission

To assess, identify & train on various abilities, personality, relationship, skills & behavior.
We believe in “ Quest for Excellence’’.

We Innovate

We have complete solution for all age groups. We are experts in identification of –

• Inborn & acquired talents
• Inborn & acquired personality
• Right stream of careers
• IQ, EQ, CQ & AQ
• Behavior & attitude .
• Interest areas
• Various skills and abilities
• Strengths and weaknesses
• Dominant learning mode

A special training program for LD, Dyslexia, Slow learners, ADHD.

Our Performance


  • We are pioneer in introducing DMIT across Maharashtra
  • Have done life counseling through DMIT for more than 9000+ individuals.
  • Concept has been introduced in more than 90 schools.
  • Developed 34 channel offices in Maharashtra, Gujarat & Tamil Nadu.
  • Worked across Maharashtra through many schools & institutes to create awareness about the subject.
  • Helped thousands of individuals to select right career option.

Our Uniqueness

Assessment of Inborn + Acquired

Intelligence | Personality | Skill


Rajesh Salway -Patil (1)

Rajesh Salway -Patil
E.Q. Fellow, EQ Assessor- Six Seconds, U.S.A. Master Franchisor and Trainer of DMIT

He has worked for various organizations like Kotak, HDFC, and Birla for 20 plus years and has been champion in Insurance and Finance. Rajesh has been a propagator of ability based learning.

He has completed MBA in Marketing. A father of two children, he has been associated with multiple schools across Maharashtra conducting multiple intelligence and brain stimulation knowledge seminars for more than 3 years.


Dr. Sandhya Salway-Patil
Child Psychologist
International Learning Specialist
Certified Graphologist

Ayurvedic practitioner for 20 years, doing Ayurvedic Panchkarma Chikitsa treatment for patients in all age groups. Panchkarma helps to drain out the toxins and purify the entire body, thus rejuvenating the organs. The benefit is to eradicate the disease.

Working on Right brain activation of children by providing mental arithimatic classes for last 5 years. It helps for the development of logical intelligence, concentration, imagination, memory and right brain capability in children. She has introduced a new technology that includes a combination of science and multiple intelligence theory called the DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test).

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