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Early Years

Brain Vizion team has started working in the field of Garbh Sanskar, Parent Counseling and  Panchkarma since year 1996. It had then entered in the area of education with Abacus for the children of age group 6 to 13 years to develop their concentration, memorization and visualization along with right brain development. Later on, it entered in the field of DMIT ( Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test) in the year 2011 from Nasik.

In the span of another six months only it has started expanding its network across Maharashtra and other states of India.With the continued efforts it has expanded its own more than 25 associates working across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and growing month on month.

In the year 2013, BrainVizion Team has started the latest program of Brain Stimulation or Mid Brain Activation for the children of Age group 4 to 14 years.

Our Analysis & Prospective

Two major offerings from BrainVizion 1) DMIT Test and 2) Mid Brain Activation play extremely important role in deciding better career paths as well as developing the person as the better individual.

BrainVizion will try to reach to the grassroots of the population of not only in India but also outside and ensure that the benefits of its offerings are availed by as many people as possible.

Our Vision & Objective

Our Vizion is to utilize the benefits of this technology for people in every corner of the world and help them grow as better individuals and professionals.

Also to bring an easy and affordable profiling tool which will enable parents to genuinely understand their kids’ latent talents and the best learning method so that we can help them realize their full potential.

Authority Holder’s Team

Mr Rajesh Salway has worked for various organizations like Kotak, HDFC, and Birla for 20 plus years and has been champion in Insurance and Finance. Rajesh has been a propagator of ability based learning. He has completed MBA in Marketing. A father of two children, he has been associated with multiple schools across Maharashtra conducting multiple intelligence and brain stimulation knowledge seminars for more than 3 years.

Dr. Sandhya Rajesh Salway, M.D. (Ayurveda) has been an Ayurvedic practitioner for 20 years, doing Ayurvedic Panchkarma Chikitsa treatment for patients in all age groups. Panchkarma helps to drain out the toxins and purify the entire body, thus rejuvenating the organs. The benefit is to eradicate the disease.

She is consistently engaged in lots of activities on development of child brain & human body . Since brain development starts  from womb itself so she advocates the importance of  “Garbhsanskar”.   Garbh Sanskar is done on pregnant women or women desiring to be pregnant for the better physical and mental development of the child in the womb. This method provides total care for mother and fetous via Yoga, Yog Nidra, Pranayama, Matra Basti, Garbh Samwad (Communication), Mantra Chikitsa and Garbh Sangeet. It improves the chances of normal delivery and reduces complications during pregnancy and after delivery.

Working on Right brain activation of children by providing mental arithimatic classes for last 5 years. It helps for the development of logical intelligence, concentration, imagination, memory and right brain capability in children. She has introduced a new technology that includes a combination of science and multiple intelligence theory called the DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test).

Priyanka Deshmukh Salway – B.E. (EXTC) & M.B.A (HR/ IT & MKTG)
Interest and working in the field of HR & Education sector for the last 11 years , gave thought that “ Academic learning was just not enough, but the ability to concentrate, persevere and think for themselves as well as the ability to interact well with others, also”.

Children who have been given the right kind of support during these formative years grow into adults who are self-motivated and love learning, can think flexibly and creatively and who are not only conscious of the needs of others but actively foster harmony as they go through life.

Brain development is at its peak in the early years of childhood, thus making maximum impact on the young minds.

Every child is unique and has enormous scope for development from the very young age when exposed to right environment both at home and school.

Today’s world poses numerous challenges for survival and the traditional methods of teaching and learning are not just enough to cater to all the needs for facing such challenges. At PROGRESSIVE BAY , we assure to bring in the children the natural curiosity, inclination and passion for learning, working on their different ABILITIES so they grow up to be independent and responsible learners for their lifetime.

Our tools and centre serves as the brilliant place for children to explore and work with great enthusiasm.